Bio Ceramic Membrane

Technical characteristics : The Bio Ceramic membrane reproduces the effect of far infrared rays on the individual and brings its benefits.
The wavelength of far infrared radiation is that which resides with all growth and development of life in nature.
It corresponds to that emitted mainly by the human body, see diagram below.

Bio-ceramic membrane : Highly charged with metal oxides, the ceramic used reflects far infrared. These are emitted in particular by the human body. The bio-ceramic membrane plays the role of a mirror here and sends these infrared back to the body. Slowly, imperceptibly, the latter warms up, in particular under the effect of better blood circulation. Increased comfort and better balance are the benefits highlighted. The power of infrared: – Increase blood flow by dilation of capillary vessels; – Reduce aches by warming muscle fibers; Infrared can penetrate tissue to a depth of 48 mm – Eliminate toxins;

The human body stores many toxins that cannot be eliminated naturally, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, lead, mercury or even chlorine.
When these molecules meet water molecules, these bind to the toxins and form very large molecules that are difficult to transport. They then block the blood circulation and the energy of the cell is weakened.
The power of infrared (with a wavelength of 10 μm) is to untie these large molecules and thus release toxins by breaking the bond between the water molecule and the toxin. – Facilitate the flow
of lymph and reduces the formation of edema and inflammation;
– Reduce pain in nerve endings;
– Facilitate the passage of water molecules through the cell membrane;
Help calcium to bind to the cell membrane.

French patent and European patent
An invention that won gold at the Lépine competition in Strasbourg and was awarded a prize by the Sports Medicine Society.

9443821 Membrane BIO Céramique